• Are you an entertainer who wants to get UNSTUCK?

  • Are you scarred by previous DISAPPOINTMENTS?

  • Do you sometimes DOUBT YOUR TALENT?

  • Do you need help in defining a VISION and setting CAREER GOALS?

  • Do need a PLAN OF ACTION?

  • Do you need an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER to keep you MOTIVATED and on the RIGHT TRACK?

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Do you need help clearly defining your vision and setting goals? Are there disappointments that are stopping you from moving forward? Do you want to build resilience and bounce back when facing many challenges that are part of the entertainment business? Are you willing and ready to face your own limiting beliefs and fears head-on? Do you want to have all your ducks in a row so that you can have a head start in the entertainment business? 

Your creative skill as an entertainer is something special and the wonder of your craft (be it music, acting or even magic) has the ability and potential to resonate with many people. There is no doubt that you have a burning desire to share the fruits of your craft with the world and ultimately make a living out of doing what you love. The applause and validation for your performance would be great too, wouldn’t it? The leading question is “how do I do this?” 

Through our experience in the entertainment business, we are able to offer you some strategic business coaching to help you make some valuable and career-enhancing tactics that will not only help you become a serious player, but will give you a feeling of confidence that you are getting it right and you are taking action towards achieving your goals. 

Yes, you’ll need the vital business knowledge,  but on top of this is the spiritual core of your passion needs to be nurtured and channelled into developing a “can do” attitude. This is where we can step in and help you get on the right track. We will empower you with various tools and techniques to overcome these obstacles and aim to give you the confidence to give the entertainment business your absolute best shot. 

We are cheerleaders and accountability partners that are here to coach you and help you get the very best out of yourself and your art. We want to help you get to a level where you are in the best possible professional shape when approaching the likes of record labels, publicists, managers and booking agents. We are here to give you honest and strategic career and business advice with insights on the live sphere, marketing, social media, publicity, publishing, management and labels.

Let’s do this! 

How we work


We do not charge a set or mandatory fee, but a small (but not compulsory) gesture of good will would be greatly appreciated, just so basic costs are covered. All appointments are from 18h30 GMT and last for a maximum of an hour each. 

  • A virtual face-to-face consultation over Skype, Zoom or whatever platform suits you.

  • Unlimited WhatApp so you can ask anything that springs to mind. 

  • Unlimited email contact to pick our brains and run things by us. 



About Tim Hill













“My passion is music. My purpose is helping others feeling more fulfilled in their lives and careers."


Tim is an experienced artist manager and music publicist originally from South Africa. He has worked with many new and established artists in his native country as well as many big names who toured across the African continent. He (sadly) doesn’t sing or play an instrument, but a combination of “getting the business” and a passion for all genres of music has lit a continued flame for helping artists achieve success in their exciting careers. 


Tim comes from a good middle-class family, is well educated and has lived in three countries (Zimbabwe, South Africa and England). He has had professional success with some of the top corporate brands and entertainers in the world and has also been through the wars and fallen on his arse on multiple occasions. One thing for sure is that has shown resilience and come out wounded, but wiser.


He may have a business degree under his belt, but the additional education from the School of Hard Knocks has given him an abundance of unsurpassed wisdom. It is very clear that Tim has a calling to help other people and a combination of this wisdom and the passion for all things related to music has empowered him to do what he is doing today – coaching artists who are hungry for success and helping them to get in the right frame of mind to open up their personal pathways to the unlimited possibilities available to them within the music business. 


“I have made some monumental screw-ups in business and life and I have also had some proud moments of success in both,” he explains, “When we get knocked down, we have a choice to sink or swim, and, although damn hard at times, I have always chosen to swim and have chosen to be resilient.”


Tim sees himself as a realist in the biggest possible way and is a confessed self-help book addict. What you see is what you get – a down to earth, honest, middle-aged man, with a few extra pounds around the middle!


“People want to engage with a real human being with a real story and someone with integrity and that is what I can confidently offer people,” continued Tim, who is based in Somerset, England, “Musicians will face many disappointments in their careers and by building resilience, they will be equipped and empowered to deal with these better and not give up when the chips are down.”

Career Credentials


  • Artist Manager

  • Publicist

  • Radio Plugger

  • Event Planner

  • Peer Mentor

  • Pub and Restaurant Owner and Manager

  • Call Handler at a Call Centre

  • Retail Assistant and Online Shopping Picker


Education Credentials


  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree (University of South Africa)

  • Accredited Professional Life Coach Certification (Transformation Academy)

  • Accredited Goal Success Life Coach Certification (Transformation Academy)

  • Accredited Career Coach Certification (Transformation Academy)

  • Accredited Employee Performance Coach Certification (Transformation Academy)

  • Mental Health in the Workplace - Level 3 certificate (ProTrainings)

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace - Level 2 certificate (ProTrainings)

  • Counselling Skills - Level 2 certificate (Bridgwater and Taunton College)

  • Care Certificate (ProTrainings)

  • NHS Pathways - Certificate of Competence 

  • NHS Peer Mentoring Programme - Certificate of Completion


Previous Clients


International artists and public figures I have worked with include Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Cindy Alter (Clout), Jennifer Rush, Jonathan Butler, Akon, R Kelly, Serena and Venus Williams.

Brands I have worked with include Virgin Group, Virgin Active, Protea Hotels, Hansgrohe, Apple.

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